Microsoft’s new CEO is Indian-origin Satya Nadella


After all the days of endless speculations, Microsoft now has an Indian-origin CEO. Satya Nadella becoming the Microsoft CEO also underlines the rising “Indian presence” in top brands all over the world.

Microsoft CEO: Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella takes over the helm at Microsoft from Steve Ballmer.

Satya Nadella, who has a 22 year experience working at Microsoft is yet to have any experience as a CEO, as some of the journalists have flagged him to be too young or inexperienced to adorn the CEO post at Microsoft. But still, majority seems to be favoring the decision, as he has made quite an impact as his department brought in $8.2 billion in operating income and revenues of $20.3 billion in the last financial year.

From the day it was found till now, Micorosft has had only 2 CEO’s; Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. Satya Nadell would thus be the 3rd CEO of Microsoft, taking over the charges from Steve Ballmer.

He might actually be the umpteenth Indian to hold the helm or make a global impact when it comes to technology. It might be biasing to name some of the “Global Indians“; but, some of the first names that come to everyone’s mind might be Vinod Dham, the brain behind Pentium chips for Intel; Indra Nooyi, CEO, PepsiCo; Vinod Khosla, Co-founder, Sun Microsystems; and many more; the list goes on.

Who else would be the obvious ones in your list of “Technologically Global Indians“? Let us know in the comments below.

  • itisthis

    A quote :
    A Person of Indian Origin (PIO) is an Indian
    who was smart enough to get the hell out, so
    why do so many of us want to bask in the
    glory and be “proud” of the accomplishments
    of an individual who left India’s problems
    Yes he WAS an Indian, no he’s not going to
    suddenly say, “Free Lumias to all Indians,
    and half off on 8.1 and Office!” — it’s a
    This “pride” you mistakenly feel will only be
    used to sell more products to you.
    Economics, pure and simple. Patriotism has
    no place in the boardrooms of publicly traded
    companies, allegiance is owed only to
    shareholders and quarterly reports.

    • Dhanesh V

      I don’t really think so….And, do you really think anyone would be ‘hoping’ that he would do something special like you mentioned above (Free Lumias, etc)? No.

      It might be your prejudiced outlook that might be spoiling a genuine pride. Anyway, he’s from India. I don’t have a problem with that and indeed acknowledge the fact that Microsoft CEO = Indian-origin => Pride as an Indian; atleast for me. I am sorry if you had a problem that. :/