Android Next: Lassi or Ladoo ?


Lassi vs LadooThis time, a group of Android fans from IIT-Kharagpur want an Indian flavor to be added to the rich menu of Android servings. Google had earlier announced that the next iteration of Android will be named after the famous confectionery, KitKat from Nestle.

Just after the name for Android 4.4 was announced, many groups of Android fans all over the world started pouring in their suggestions for the next Android. Two significant suggestions from India include Ladoo and Lassi.

The current Head of Android at Google, Sundar Pichai (who is also an IIT-K alumnus) would have by now received a letter from a group of students from his alma mater, requesting that the Android after KitKat be named after Lassi, a famous Indian dessert. Another group, which includes around 500 Indian tech start-ups also sent a request to him suggesting the name Ladoo for the next iteration of Android OS. The same group had earlier campaigned for Kaju Katli, a name which was obviously not preferred over KitKat by Google.

The two groups said that accepting an Indian name for the next Android release would be a nice way to acknowledge the vast support Android has been getting from India. They also said in the letter that, around 68.8% of total smatphones shipped to India in 2012 were Android smartphones, which was a long way over 18.8% of Apple’s iOS which stood in the second place.

Whatever the suggestions maybe, the cue would always be in the hands of Google. The only retarding factor is the recent denial of Key Lime Pie for KitKat, when Google reasoned that the former was less famous and that it would be less effective to use a less famous name.

Let’s just wait and see. Anyway, which name are you rooting for? Lassi or Ladoo?